This ministry helps to keep roadways in our community clean and free of litter throughout the year.  Our outings are scheduled 4 times a year (Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec).



Being led by the Holy Spirit to reach the world for Christ, we begin in our own community with the bus ministry.  The purpose of the bus ministry is to fulfill God’s command to “…go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in that my house may be filled, ” (Luke 14:23) offering a place to serve God by being an extension of God’s love to minister to children and their families while providing a safe transportation to and from our church.  It provides transportation to church & Sunday School.  Call (919) 375-4275 for service.



This ministry needs you.  The Clothing Closet Ministry will provide clothing, linens, and encouragement to men, women, and children in need.  The clothing closet is a non-profit outreach ministry created to provide these necessities at no cost regardless of Race, Religion, or Age.



Evangelism & Outreach Ministry

This ministry serves the community by reaching out with servant evangelism deeds and shares Christ.  It goes beyond our church walls to our neighboring communities.  Transportation to church is also provided through the Bus Ministry.



As an expression of ORT teachings, The mission of ORT is to serve the needy families and individuals of our community by providing supplemental food.



Do you speak Spanish?  It is our purpose to bring Latino people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that results in membership in families to help them grow into Christ like maturity; to equip them for their ministry in the church; to help them develop a heart for missions; all this in order that everyone in the church is able to magnify God’s name.



This ministry needs you.  The mission of the Homeless Ministry is to provide safe shelter, food, support services, and an avenue to self-sufficiency for homeless adults and children in our community.  We believe that all people deserve the necessities of life, and the community in which we live is called to serve this purpose.



Is God calling you to this ministry?  The purpose of the hospital visitation ministry is to bring comfort to those within our fellowship and their families who are hospitalized.  We will go and pray for healing, share the gospel where needed, bring comfort, and remind those that are in especially difficult situations that God loves them and is working through their situation, no matter how bleak (Isaiah 43:2).



Are you called to help launch this ministry?  This outreach purpose draws the nursing home residents, saved and unsaved, closer to Jesus.  The ministry team builds and maintains genuine, personal friendships with the residents.  When opportunities to witness unfold, first team members represent Christ and then Trinity.  The team members listen to stories, problems, joys and frustrations, and reach out in prayer, to help the residents leave these concerns at the feet of Jesus.



Excellent ministry for the retired to develop.  When we take seriously the call of Scripture to “pray for one another” and we do just that, then we are ministering in prayer for the benefit and well-being of another person.  There is wonderful spiritual power released when two or more people agree in prayer.  This prayer chain will provide 7 days per week coverage for prayer requests and prayer for the mission of the church.  Call (919) 375-4275.



Is this your calling?  We believe in changing lives.  We want to bring hope and encouragement to those within the prison walls.  Acting as an arm of the local church and empowered by the Spirit of God.  We want to touch lives with Christian love, present the Gospel in clear and understandable terms, nurture new believers in faith and discipleship, facilitate contact with churches and Christians on the outside, help develop prison ministry teams in local congregations, provide training to the local church, community and interested persons.


Intercessory Prayer: 10:45 AM each Sunday; 6:45 PM each Wednesday

Worship Service: 11:00 AM each Sunday; (No Service On 5th Sundays)

Family Night: 7:00 PM each Wednesday

Food Pantry: 8:00-11:00 AM each 2nd Saturday

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